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Сегодня: 17.07.2019 - 17:23:10
Фракция Half-Life » Клубы и сообщества » vfilesarchive.bgmod.com


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   Написано 23.04.17 - 07:15:33

Текст из readme

This collection represents an effort to archive over 15 years of Half-Life and related Valve game- and mod content (1997-2012).
Utmost care has been given to archive these files in their original state, with file names, version numbers and
additional information (as required) intact. Since these files have been sitting on my hard drive for all these
years and i would much rather see them shared with the world, i am releasing them for everyone.

If you like this collection and you find something useful, nostalgic or entertaining,
please share it and tell your friends! If you like, you can say thanks by making a Patreon contribution
at https://www.patreon.com/vfilesarchive or PayPal vfilesarchive@gmail.com
Thank you!

Special thanks to Gecko (Please check out BGmod.com /The Battle Grounds mod for Half-Life)
for the FTP and to you for your interest!

Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is/was ever intended. If you feel that any of content of the archive
violates copyright, you think we missed something essential or you are a mod creator and would like
your content pulled/modified, please contact us and we'll make it right. Please email vfilesarchive@gmail.com
Please remember that Half-Life and Half-Life 2 as well as other Valve games are available on Steam. In order to
play some of the OLDER version mods and add-ons in this archive, you will be required to install the CD version
of Half-Life (widely available on online marketplaces or thrift stores), and patch it to a version BELOW the (netcode update) patch.


Я понимаю что это совсем не сообщество, но если сюда люди постят архив с обзорами, то почему бы не запостить сюда архив с файлами?
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   Написано 23.04.17 - 09:23:59
Неплохой такой ftp
Смотрю, много всего по source, но и по голду тоже есть.
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   Написано 29.06.17 - 07:28:07
P228, Спасибо, уверен что ресурс пригодится нашим товарищам)
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Фракция Half-Life » Клубы и сообщества » vfilesarchive.bgmod.com
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